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Reasonable Legal Fees

We offer reasonable fixed fees which we agree with you from the beginning when we discuss your legal case. Our barristers will advise and represent you strategically, fearlessly with a bespoke service.

Best Advice Legal

For best legal advice we represent you from start to finish – so that you have the comfort of knowing that you are represented by a fully qualified barrister in London at all times. Contact Us

If you are seeking cost-effective, straightforward first class legal advice – without the need to approach a solicitor – we will find a barrister for you.

Barristers Chambers is an exciting new concept where you can obtain expert legal advice, assisting you to solve your legal problems. By consulting a barrister direct – without the need to instruct solicitors – you can substantially save on costs. Having direct access to barristers also reduces the amount of time required to effectively resolve your legal issues.

Barristers Chambers works with a selection of barristers chambers and has a pool of 45+ direct access barristers, who are readily available and will give you straightforward, clear, concise advice as well as being able to guide you through the legal maze in a simple way that you will understand. The court can be an intimidating arena but, with the assistance of your direct access barrister who will act on your behalf and guide you through the court process, the experience will be made as stress-free as possible.

Although we are unable to provide legal aid services on a directaccess basis we are sure that we will have a suitable barrister available at a competitive price.

Our public access barristers pride themselves in their reputation for excellence and commitment to high quality and professional advice. The direct barristers that we refers to are lawyers with excellent reputations within the legal profession for their exceptional standards.

Speaking to barristers directly has become possible because of a change in the law that means that you can instruct a barrister without having to go through a solicitor.

Use the tabs to find information about your particular problem or simply contact us and you will be given direct access to an experienced advisor who will refer your case to one of our specialist public access barristers and get the quote from barristers directly.


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Expert Legal Advice from Barristers

Depending on the case, our barristers prepared to travel to discuss your legal problems. You can search for barristers who are authorised to practice. Find barristers to get legal help from barristers chambers in London. Contact Us

Why Use Our Barristers?

Quite simply, we are used to presenting cases in court as well as being heavily involved during the early stages of a case. We look at cases with the ‘end in mind’ and are always looking to achieve the optimal outcome. If the case should be taken to a final hearing we will advise you and then, subject to your instructions, represent you. However, if a sensible, optimal exit is available or appropriate to pursue then, equally, we will advise you. One thing is for sure though: with us there is no ‘taxi meter’ running, no ridiculous hourly rates and definitely no big surprises in terms of the fees you will owe us. We are transparent from beginning to end. View and speak to barristers chambers for fees in advance.  Contact Us

Legal Advice For You

Whether you have a legal dispute, are about to receive a driving ban, have not been paid or given what you were promised or are owed under an agreement, have suffered a sports personal injury, need some inheritance planning advice or are aggrieved by a will that somebody has made then we can assist you.
Our barristers are experts at drafting documents as well as garnering the relevant legal arguments together on your behalf. See the relevant areas of law on the top of this page. And then call us or contact us to discuss your legal case.

Legal Advice For Business

Our barristers has years of experience in directly interfacing with and assisting businesses of all sizes. In addition, if you have not yet started in business, we can assist you with ‘getting it right’ from the very outset. Mistakes in setting up your business can cost you dear further down the line. One example is the purchase or sale of a franchise contract: we have focussed and indepth expertise in this area of lawif you are due to sign a franchise agreement or are a business looking at franchising or redeveloping your current franchise agreement then you need to speak to us first. The modest cost in comparison with the benefit afforded will be clear. We can also assist businesses with outstanding debts, whereby we can discuss our barrister fees in advance before drafting the contract. Please call us to.

Our Practice Areas

Our barristers chambers in London, UK offer advice on a range of legal issues. Refer to the type of cases we take on. To see what our practice areas have to offer, refer to the relevant practice area link above.

Our Practice Areas

Our barristers chambers in London, UK offer advice on a range of legal issues. Refer to the type of cases we take on. To see what our practice areas have to offer, refer to the relevant practice area link above.


Our firm can recommend barristers to you on drafting, negotiating and/or reviewing arbitration clauses or other dispute resolution clauses...Know more

Commercial Litigation

Barristers Chambers is well suited to provide selected barristers for legal services in the areas of commercial litigation, international business litigation and arbitration....Read more

Sports Law

Barristers Chambers in London provides direct access barristers to individuals and associations in all aspects of sports. We encompasses a full range of disputes and services....Read More

Business Disputes

Business dispute and commercial litigation barristers. Representing businesses of all sizes in commercial disputes. Our barristers handles many contentious and debt claims, customer / supplier contracts between disputing parties....Know more

Construction Adjudication

Providing dispute resolution legal services to the building, construction, real estate and construction engineering sectors...Know more

Property & Planning Law

Our direct access barristers have extensive knowledge of property and planning law to make your construction journey much easier....Read more

Company & Commercial

From starting a business right through to selling or floating it, getting the right legal advice at the right time is critical to your success...Know more

Construction Contract Disputes

Our barristers specialise in providing commercial contractual disputes legal advice and representing clients in mediation, arbitration and adjudication....Know more

How It Works

Speaking to Barristers Chambers is stress free and easy. We can connect you to a specialist barrister who can provide legal advice in a straightforward transparent way whether you have a legal problem at a personal or business level. We work on a one to one basis to insure that the client is fully satisfied with the service we deliver.


Our barristers will advice on the merits of your case and your chances of success. We guarantee strict confidence of any information you disclose to us or the advice given to you

Strategise & Draft

Once instructed our barristers will draft all the necessary documentation on your behalf and submit it in a timely manner to the relevant bodies. Barristers shall look after your deadlines, and advise you in advance of any documents you need to provide.

Take Action & Monitor

our barristers closely monitor the progress of your legal case and keep you up-to-date on any developments. We shall also advise you of our fees in advance of any work undertaken.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Many businesses have already benefited from working with us. We can say anything we want about ourselves, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say about us

“The best commercial barrister in the city. Me and my partner didn’t have any problems settling the terms and agreement in the contract. Everything went so smoothly. We’re both very happy.“

M Green

“We used barristers chambers barrister in a recent prosecution by Tiles Services company in relation to a breach of the vehicle law. Samuel and his team were proactive, client focussed, and easy to deal with and we achieved an excellent outcome in the prosecution. I would not hesitate to use chambers again if the need should arise.”

Paul B

“Thank you to Samuel and your team for your instant in organising the mediation. I have received amazing feedback from those involved about Samuel’s calming but methodical approach to ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to be heard, raise their concerns and come up with solutions. I would most definitely recommend anyone facing a dispute to contact BC Chambers, Thanks again for helping us. :)”