Criminal Law

Criminal Law Overview

Barristers Chambers consists of several experienced practitioners with a range of knowledge covering all facets of Criminal law.

We pride ourselves on the wide range of experience we have developed over many years working both for individuals as well as major corporations and various local businesses.

We can assist you with a variety of aspects of Criminal Law such as:

If you have been issued with an enforcement notice or summons of any description we can advise and represent you according to your needs. Contact Us

Why Are We Different?

Direct Access (Barristers Chambers) enables you to come straight to a Barrister of your own choice who will give you straightforward, thorough and specialist advice on every aspect of your case and the options that might be open to you.

We are in an excellent position to advise and inform you of the best tactics and strategies to adopt from the outset and you will have total control over what you decide to spend.

We are there to represent you throughout the whole case from giving initial advice, to the day when you actually may appear in Court.

A specialist advocate in either the Crown Court or before the Magistrates can make a significant difference to the end result and could help save unnecessary costs.

What To Expect When Contacting Us?

Contacting a Barrister is not a daunting experience. We are approachable and we understand your needs

What do I need to provide?

When initially contacting us, please make sure you can tell us what official documents you have been served, and whether there is a hearing pending at any court or tribunal. It is also important to know when and where the hearing is, and the date of the decision you are appealing against, just in case there are statutory time limits that need to be complied with.

Our Timelines:

From the first point of contact with the Clerks, you can expect initial communication from a Barrister within 24 hours, and a face-to-face meeting or telephone call when next convenient to both parties.

If you have a very urgent matter we can normally deal with it within a few hours, providing the necessary Barrister is available.

We aim to provide any written documents you require within 14 days, dependent on the complexity of your case and what your needs might be.

So if you have a matter you wish to discuss with us, please call us or email on Alternatively you can fill in your details via the Contact Form.

Criminal Law Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from recent clients

Criminal Law Costs

Accessing advocates in both the Crown Court and the Magistrates is more cost-effective than you might have imagined.

Typically Counsel will charge at a base rate starting from £150 per hour + VAT dependent on the complexity of your case.

A half day trial in the Magistrates Court might cost you as little as £450 +VAT. For a guilty plea you may well be charged £250 +VAT to have a highly experienced Barrister present the facts of your case, and all mitigating factors to the Court.

You can meet your Barrister in advance to discuss your case and all of the options that are open to you. No fees will be incurred without you agreeing to the costs in advance.

Take total control of your financial and legal affairs with our expert assistance and cost-effective solutions.