Direct Access - What It Means?

Barristers Chambers London – Our firm connect barristers and clients through our web portal

Direct access barristers can showcase their skills, previous case studies to prospective clients and clients can connect to barristers using our portal and discuss their case directly. We do not charge fees from clients, they can pay directly to barristers.

Direct Access - What It Means?

Until now members of the public have not been allowed to go directly to a barrister for legal advice.

In the past if you needed the expert opinion of a barrister or a barrister to represent you in court you had to first engage the services of a solicitor who would then instruct the barrister on your behalf.

Recent changes mean for the first time members of the public can now go directly to a barrister without having to also involve a solicitor. You can now instruct a Barrister directly, even if you are eligible for legal aid.


What Are The Benefits Of Direct Access Or Public Access Barristers?

Direct access to a barrister brings a number of significant benefits both in terms of cost and access to expert advice:

Our barristers are all specialists in their respective practice groups and our teams are dedicated to providing you with the highest possible standards of service, advice and advocacy.

Cost Saving

Barristers overheads are traditionally less than solicitors so the fees you pay will be considerably lower.


You will have direct communication with your barrister without the need to go through another lawyer.


A barrister is trained as specialist legal adviser and advocate to represent you in court.