Sports Law

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Sports Law

Barristers Chambers provides Legal Services to individuals and associations in all aspects of sport.

Our clients include sporting individuals and associations, both professional and amateur.

Our multi-disciplinary sports team is able to advise governing bodies, clubs, sponsors, individual sportsmen & sportswomen and anyone else in the sports sector on all legal matters relating to sports.

Barristers Chambers encompasses a full range of disputes and services including:

Disciplinary Matters & Appeals

Contract disputes & Agreements


Sports Injury Compensation

Post/Pre Nuptial Agreements

Family Issues

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Sports Law Services

Sports law is shaped by the generally recognized constitutive elements such as physical or motor activity, rules, performance or competition, organization, playability and ethical components, e.g. fairness, equal opportunities and respect for the opponent.

Hardly any other area of ​​law is as diverse as sports law, so that “sports law” simply cannot exist, individual core areas are presented below.

The part of sports law that is effective in the media certainly includes doping by top athletes and the resulting discussion about criminal liability. In this context, not to be despised recourse obligations towards the club and in particular the sponsors can sometimes threaten the existence of the athlete. Last but not least, the rights and interests of the clubs concerned must not be disregarded.

Also not to be despised is the liability of the sports club or the organizer of a sporting event for damages, e.g. from a crime (due to a breach of duty of care, traffic safety obligations, property damage) or an athlete due to a serious violation of rules in competitions or tournaments.

We have therefore set ourselves the concept of developing appropriate solutions, taking into account rapidly changing developments.

We therefore offer legal advice in the following areas in particular:

  • player placement and advice
  • drafting of player
  • sponsorship and event organizer contracts
  • representation of club interests

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